NAAM Reciprocal Admission

Reciprocal Admission Policy

The National Association of Automobile Museums (NAAM) wishes to promote professional development and networking opportunities among its qualified representatives of member museums through a Reciprocal Admission Policy.

To that end, NAAM encourages its member museums to allow free admission to professional staff (paid or volunteer) of other NAAM member museums. NAAM member museums participating in this reciprocal program will register with NAAM and a list of these museums will be posted on the NAAM website.

Staff (paid or volunteer) of participating museums will present their business card or a letter of introduction at the time of their visit to receive free admission. When possible, visiting staff should contact the host museum prior to visiting to encourage staff interaction and networking.

The purpose of the program is to promote professional staff development, interaction and networking. This program is not to be used for casual visits by museum associates, such as volunteers, docents, board members and other non-staff persons.

Member Museums Participating in the

Reciprocal Admission Program

AACA Museum  (2/15/2013)

Blackhawk Automotive Museum  (2/15/2013)

BMW Car Club of America Foundation  (2/20/2013)

America on Wheels Museum  (2/15/2013)

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum  (2/15/2013)

California Automobile Museum  (2/15/2013)

Champlain Valley Transportation Museum  (12/10/2012)

Classic Car Club of America Museum  (12/7/2012)

Don Garlits Museum  (2/15/2013)

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant Birthplace of the Model T  (1/2/2013)

Franklin Automobile Museum  (2/15/2013)

Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum (5/24/21)

Hostetler Hudson Auto Museum  (12/12/2012)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum (3/18/2019)

JA Cooley Museum (5/27/21)

Kansas City Automotive Museum  (9/23/14)

Lane Motor Museum  (12/10/2012)

Larz Anderson Auto Museum (9/27/18)

LeMay Family Collection Museum  (12/7/2012)

Martin Auto Museum  (12/7/2012)

Midwest Dream Car Museum (9/2/21)

Miles Through Time Automotive Museum (8/7/2018)

Model T Ford Club of America & Model T Museum (11/13/2023)

Murphy Auto Museum  (12/7/2012)

Museum of American Speed  (3/1/2013)

National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection)  (12/6/2012)

National Corvette Museum  (2/15/2013)

National Packard Museum  (2/22/2013)

Northeast Classic Car Museum  (12/13/2012)

NHRA Motorsports Museum  (12/6/2012)

Owls Head Transportation Museum (9/6/18)

Packard Proving Grounds (5/4/2018)

Piston Palace (11/30/23)

Pontiac-Oakland Museum  (2/19/2013)

RE Olds Transportation Museum (8/9/2022)

Revs Institute (5/10/21)

Rolls-Royce Foundation (5/15/2024) 

San Diego Automotive Museum  (2/18/2013)

Saratoga Automobile Museum  (2/19/2013)

Seal Cove Auto Museum  (2/18/2013)


Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum  (2/15/2013)

Snooks Dream Cars  (12/7/2012)

Swigart Museum  (12/17/2012)

Swope’s Cars of Yesteryear Museum  (12/7/2012)

The Automobile Gallery (3/8/2019)

Toyota  USA Automobile Museum  (12/7/2012)

Tupelo Automobile Museum  (2/25/2013)

Tucson Auto Museum (5/15/2024)

Unser Racing Museum  (2/17/2013)

Veit Automotive Foundation  (2/10/2014)

Western Reserve Historical Society  (2/20/2012)

Wills St. Claire Auto Museum  (2/15/2013)

Wisconsin Automotive Museum  (2/18/2013)

Z Motorsports Car Museum (10/22/22)



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