August 2022, Volume 23, Issue 2
By Patrick Slebonick

Dear Members,

I hope you are all enjoying a busy summer show season with lots of visitors at your institutions.

Our Board Members have been working diligently to push forward with improving the NAAM organization since we wrote last. The Value Proposition Committee continues working to not only define our membership, but also develop new benefit platforms which will provide the most value to you and your organization into the future.

You can now see the hard work of our Communications Committee coming to fruition. As of this email, NAAM has a new web address: This new address has already enabled us to provide enhanced security features and restore some functions that had been down. The group will continue to work on modernization of the site and restoring all of the functions you know and love. You will also begin experiencing a new newsletter format which will not only enable us to save costs but also deliver content more effectively.

Please note, these changes have impacted our email address. To contact Christine please use [email protected] also please be sure to add this address [email protected] to your safe senders list to make sure you receive our content and updates.

Finally, the team at Revs is finalizing an amazing joint conference with the World Forum for Motor Museums in Naples from November 8-2. Please visit the conference website for the most recent information and registration.

With the support of our generous sponsors at CatalogIt, we are pleased to offer conference sponsorships this year. Please visit our website to get more information on scholarships to apply by September 15th.

Thank you for being a member of NAAM, we look forward to seeing you soon.


naam conference

The Future of the Past is Collaboration

The Future of the Past is Collaboration

Join the Revs Institute, WFFMM, and NAAM from November 9-12, 2022 for an exciting joint conference and learning experience where attendees will hear from leaders in the field about a variety of topics. Some of the key discussions will revolve around strategic overviews for museums, museums from the media perspective, and museum collaboration both nationally and internationally. Revs Institute will offer behind the scenes tours of the Workshop, Parts, Digitization Room, and Library.

There will also be entertaining interludes with opportunities to network and collaborate. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the Naples area, with an excursion to the Edison Ford Winter Estates and a sunset cruise on the Naples Princess.

Registration is OPEN:
Student / Speaker Registration: $325
Regular Registration: $450 – Now – September 22, 2022
Late Registration: $500 – September 23 – November 2, 2022
Single Day Registration: $150 – Through November 2, 2022
Note: Naples Princess Cruise and Edison and Ford Winter Estates Tour and Luncheon not included with Late or Single Day registrations.


Host Hotel: Hyatt House Naples                   
Address: 1345 5th Avenue South, Naples, Florida, United States, 34102
Phone: 1+(239) 775-1000
Group Code (for booking by phone): G-WCRE
Rate: $150, single king or double queen rooms, increases to $220 after initial 80 rooms booked.

The host hotel is the beautiful, water-front, Hyatt House Naples. While there is a limited room block, please make your reservations as soon as possible. Naples is a very seasonal city, and hotel rooms become almost impossible to find for the post-hurricane season in November. Securing your reservation now will guarantee you a room.

The beautiful water-front Hyatt House has 80 rooms at an amazing rate of only $150 for single king and double queen rooms (taxes not included). Rooms will increase to $220 per night after the initial block is full, and after October 9. The Hyatt House is a perfect location in easy walking distance of lots of exciting and fun restaurants.

If you book by phone (800-233-1234) be sure to use the Group Code “G-WCRE”. Please let your hotel know if you or your party will require ADA accommodations.

Please be sure to make your reservation directly through the Hyatt House, not a third-party reservation system (such as Expedia, Trivago, etc.), as you will not get the discount code and rooms may not be available.

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NAAM is dedicated to helping its members grow professionally through informative annual conferences and networking opportunities. To fulfill this goal, NAAM offers up to 3 conference scholarships each year.

The scholarship program is designed for museums with limited financial resources to pay for their staff to attend (annual budgets under $500,000). Awards included $1,000 for travel expenses, plus complimentary conference registration.

Apply Now: The application process is easy, completed online, and if you have any questions feel free to contact Christine Bobco at [email protected].  The deadline is September 15, 2022.

How: Please visit the NAAM website for scholarship criteria, guidelines and the online application.

These valuable scholarships are made possible thanks to our generous sponsorships. Opportunities are available for 2022.

Thank you to Catalogit for being one of the 2022 sponsors!


CatalogIt makes documenting automobiles easy, comprehensive, and fun. CatalogIt is a powerful, cloud-based, and cost-effective platform that enables museums, organizations, and private collectors to capture and bring to life the story of their things.

• A comprehensive vehicle classification uniquely tailored for motor vehicles.
• Rich functionality for capturing your collection’s most important information including engine and transmission details, components, odometer readings, VIN numbers, and registration information.
• Track location, condition, acquisition information, valuation, appraisal, ingoing and outgoing loans, and more.
• Manage your collection from your phone, tablet, or desktop at anytime from anywhere.
•  An easy-to-use and visual platform that makes managing your collection satisfying and fun.

Visit their website to learn more about CatalogIt today!

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Caring for Our Vehicle Collections

By Derek E. Moore, Curator of Collections
Lane Motor Museum

With the end of the automobile show season drawing near here in the US, many of us that take our collection vehicles out to various shows and events are preparing to put them back in storage or on our museum floor. However, we don’t want to forget to care for these great artifacts before they are placed in either location, especially if they aren’t already scheduled to be out and about again next season!

Don’t forget, caring for our collections is one of the most important tasks any museum has. 

Every museum is different in the way they approach the care of their collections; however, we do have best practices to help guide us in our decisions on that care. In the case of self-propelled vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc.), there are not a lot of best practices written for the entirety of the object. However, broken down into smaller bites you will find many more resources available.

Think about each component of your vehicle as an artifact – the cloth or leather interior, the rubber tires, the steel chassis, the glass windows, etc. These individual pieces have a lot written about their care and preservation. One great resource for information on the care of individual components is CCI Notes provided by the Canadian Conservation Institute. Breaking each component down into its core material will help guide you on the best approach to care for and preserve the components. Eventually, once you research each item, you can develop an overall plan to care for your collection vehicle(s) as a whole.

It becomes a bit trickier when you get to those pesky internal combustion engines, steam engines, electric motors, transmissions, drive axles, etc. There is definitely not a lot written about the best practices for the care of these unique machines that bring our artifacts to life. However, if we again take a step back and look at each individual component, we can start to build a plan to care for these parts of the vehicle while they are in storage or on exhibit. Resources on the care of motorized vehicles are relatively new, as the self-propelled vehicle is a relatively new artifact in the history of our world. Many of us are still grasping with the best ways to preserve this unique piece of history, especially when it comes to modern electronics that determine whether a car can run or not.

I encourage everyone responsible for the care of a vehicle collection to research as much as you can and really think about the best methodology to care for your collections. The following are resources on the care of historic motorized vehicles. Take care of our heritage!

C2CC Care and Preservation
Henry Ford Conservation
Connecting Collections
NPS Conserveogram
Canada Conservation Institute

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New Name – Same Organization

By Michael Mitchell, Curator
The Ultimate Driving Museum

The BMW Car Club of America (CCA) Foundation is celebrating the 20th anniversary this year. Back in April 2002, the BMW Car Club of America formed a separate non-profit organization with two major programs – Saving Lives and Saving History.

Saving Lives:
The first was to create a teen defensive driving school to teach teens how to drive better. This became the Tire Rack Street Survival program (Tire Rack is our title sponsor and not the owner of this program). At first, this started with just the BMW Car Club Chapters around the country, but later, the SCCA, Porsche Club of America, Corvette, and other car clubs have helped host and teach the Street Survival schools. To date, over 1,200 schools have been held around the country and even in Canada. Over 25,000 students have gone through the classes.

Saving History:
The other part of the Foundation’s program was to create a Library and Archives of BMW related materials. At that time in 2001, the BMW CCA was around 31-32 years old. Many early club members were getting up there in age. They were getting rid of their collections – either retiring and downsizing or unfortunately passing away. The club recognized there needed to be a place where people could donate their collections so they would exist for future generations to see.

As we grew, the collections were not just coming from BMW CCA members. BMW of North America, BMW Manufacturing, the BMW Performance Center, and other organizations were donating historical materials to the Foundation. We even received donations of cars from some individuals. Some were donated so we could auction them off to raise money for our organization. Others were donated with the intent of us building a collection. Today, we have over 80,000 items in our Library and Archives and about 10 cars.

Back in the beginning, we didn’t have a Museum in our vision. In 2016, we hired an Executive Director who helped us move towards becoming a Museum. In 2017, we launched our first major exhibition – Heroes of Bavaria: 75 Years of BMW Motorsport. We had an incredible collection of BMW race cars from a 1938 328 Roadster to a 2015 Z4 GTLM on display. We had several one offs, prototypes, championship winning cars, and more. This year, we launched our sixth major exhibition – The Power of M: Celebrating 50 Years. Many of our exhibits have been based on a major anniversary, but it has been a great way to tell the story of BMW.

When we started with Heroes, we simply added “Museum” to BMW CCA Foundation, however, we knew this really wasn’t working so well. We needed to brand the Museum as we had done with Street Survival. We held a contest to help us come up with names for the Museum. Unfortunately, BMW is very strict about using “BMW” in the name unless it meets certain criteria through the club names. We understand this and didn’t want to hurt our relationship with BMW.

New Name:
One name submitted was a play on BMW’s 70s tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” – The Ultimate Driving Museum. This didn’t use “BMW” in the name, but it implies it. We decided to submit “The Ultimate Car Museum” to BMW. Ironically, they came back to us and suggested we use “The Ultimate Driving Museum”.

After months of discussions, we received the approval to use The Ultimate Driving Museum. We are excited to use the new name. The Ultimate Driving Museum is still under the BMW CCA Foundation, but now at least we can brand our Museum as we do with Street Survival.

The Power of M is the first exhibition launched under the new Museum name. Although we were formed in 2002 and we have a few BMW 2002s in our Museum collection, we decided to use the image of a 1970 BMW E9 2800CS (another car in our collection) for our new Museum logo. We have a new sign out by the highway with our new name. We are slowly adding it to our building. We are excited to launch The Ultimate Driving Museum.

Located in Greer, SC across the highway from BMW Manufacturing and next door to the BMW Performance Center, we are right in BMW territory. We are open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. If you find yourself traveling through South Carolina, be sure to stop by for a visit.

Our current exhibit, The Power of M has 25 exceptional BMW street and race cars plus the first BMW motorcycle built by BMW M – M1000RR. We have several pairings of street and race cars side-by-side to show off the differences and similarities of the two cars. We also have lots of memorabilia and art from our collection in display cases and on the walls. We even created another exhibition book that tells more of the story of BMW M and the past 50 years. This exhibit will run through January 21, 2023.

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Museum in Motion
By Mariah Hughes, Media Relations & Marketing Production Manager National Corvette Museum 

The National Corvette Museum (NCM) in Bowling Green, KY combines the fun of driving, socializing with other Corvette enthusiasts, sightseeing, and visiting unique places in a special program called Museum in Motion (MiM). These excursions not only depart from the National Corvette Museum itself, but also from various locations across the United States as well as England and France. Each Museum in Motion has an educational component via visits to interesting museums, cultural institutions, and other special destinations.

So far in 2022, the Museum has held the MiM program at the Rolex 24 Race at Daytona in Florida, experienced the sights and sounds of New Orleans, Louisiana, sailed away on a 9-day Caribbean cruise, driven down the famous Tail of the Dragon to the Biltmore Estate, explored Buffalo, New York, and experienced Branson, Missouri.

The most exhilarating Museum in Motion offered is an international trip to France. Unlike the majority of the MiM programs offered, this group of Corvette owners will not venture to their destination behind the wheel, rather they will fly overseas to experience an unforgettable moment in any Corvette Racing fan’s life, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

During this adventure, participants explore London, Paris, and of course, Le Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans Track). While at the race, participants get the chance to see Corvette Racing against the world’s best GT cars in the most famous race of all. Don’t worry, the MiM group is accompanied by a National Corvette Museum representative and professional guides in its entirety to assist with any travel needs. Additionally, if any Corvette owners back in the US wanted to take in Le Mans with their closest Corvette friends but could not make the international trip, the NCM hosts a viewing party for the race! The viewing party is complete with private Skypes from the Corvette Racing team and a sleepover at one of their favorite Museums.

NCM Director of Events and Building Services, Bryce Burklow, states, “The Le Mans Museum in Motion excursion is not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch one of the world’s most historic races, but it is also a great opportunity to visit London, Paris, and central France with world class tour guides, fantastic accommodations, and easy transportation.” Additionally, the Museum will be leading the program in several other locations across the United States such as Colorado Springs, Colorado; Northeast Ohio; a tour of our nations National Parks; and multiple Kentucky 1-Lap tours.

The Kentucky 1-Lap tour is one of the most popular Museum in Motion programs, and this year, the NCM will usher in its 13th annual KY 1 Lap.  This special tour also highlights a unique partnership between the National Corvette Museum and the Kentucky State Police. The two organizations join in an effort to raise funds for both the Museum and for Trooper Island, a KSP non-profit camp for underprivileged children. The KY 1 Lap is now offered for multiple different weeks beginning in early fall. Each year the tour explores a different portion of the Commonwealth.

NCM member, Dick Hammaker, has been on seven MiM Kentucky 1-Lap trips. He shared that he and his wife Denise, “always go on the third week of Kentucky 1-Lap because it feels like a reunion each year… We are always making new friends and seeing new attractions!”

The Museum in Motion program allows the National Corvette Museum to fulfill its mission of celebrating the past, present, and future of Corvette by hitting the open road in a caravan and exploring all that there is to see in America’s Sports Car with a group of likeminded individuals who also choose to continue to support the NCM.

To learn more about the Museum in Motion excursions or other National Corvette Museum events, visit us online at

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Did you know NAAM has a Reciprocal Admission Program to promote professional development and networking opportunities among member museums? There are 105 museums that are members of NAAM and to date 48 have joined the program.

Sign your museum up today! Just email [email protected] to sign up.


Arts Commission invests in Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum to strengthen Auburn through arts and creativity.  

(AUBURN) On June 28th, the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced it has awarded $4,000 to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum for LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting through the Arts Project Support grant program.

During its June 10th Quarterly Business Meeting, the Commission approved funding recommendations for the Arts Project Support and Arts Organization Support grant programs. Over 460 applications were reviewed by 85 Hoosiers from around the state specializing in arts, community development, and finance.

“The projects and organizations that are receiving funding are improving the economic and educational climates of the state of Indiana,” said Alberta Barker, Chair of the Indiana Arts Commission. “The Commission is delighted to support this investment in Hoosier communities. It is a privilege to uplift the impressive creative work being done around the state.”

The Commission also designated LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting as an Arts Trust License Plate Project. Interest accrued from the Arts Trust, supported by donations through the sale of Celebrate the Arts license plates, is distributed to one Arts Project Support grant recipient from every county in which there is a funded application. Beneficiaries were selected based on exemplary commitment to community, education, economy, and health.

This funding will also allow us to present a unique art experience with our “Automobile Art: Learn from a Pro” event, where aspiring artists can learn from former GM Automobile Designer Brian Baker as he guides students through the process of designing automobiles. Ticket sales are now available for the event on Nov. 26th from 9-3 pm. Tickets are $25 per person, and art supplies will be provided. We thank our Education & Programs Manager, Elyse Faulkner, for her work in getting us the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) grant through the Arts Project Support grant program.

We thank Indiana legislators, including Indiana State Senator Dennis Kruse and State Representative Ben Smaltz, for their support of these programs. We hope members of our community can enjoy some truly exceptional art in our Luster: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting exhibit. This funding also allows us to present a truly unique experience in our program, “Automobile Art: Learn From a Pro”. Thanks to this funding, we look forward to sharing the art of the automobile with everyone in our community.

“Art and creativity strengthen the fabric of Indiana’s communities.  They promote connection and cohesion, foster the entrepreneurial spirit communities need to thrive, and create the kinds of communities where people want to live,” said Miah Michaelsen, Executive Director of the Indiana Arts Commission. “In each of Indiana’s 92 counties, public funding for arts and creativity continually proves to be a high-return investment that improves the quality of life of every Hoosier and drives economic development within our state.”

Funding for the Indiana Arts Commission and its programs is provided by the Indiana General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

View the full list of grants awarded.

Adam Ferrara to Headline First-Ever Stand-Up Comedy Night at Gilmore Car Museum

Tickets On Sale Now for October 6th Show With National Touring Comedian

(Hickory Corners, Mich. / August 2, 2021) – “Car Guy” stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara will headline the first ever Stand-Up Comedy Night fundraiser show at Gilmore Car Museum on Thursday, October 6th. The show will take place in the museum’s Heritage Ballroom and Main Gallery, the bar will be open, and food will be available from the Heritage Café. Guests are welcome to tour the galleries before the show.

Ferrara is an Actor and Comedian who Entertainment Weekly dubbed “Hilarious” and co-hosted the critically acclaimed BBC sensation Top Gear US, for six seasons. Some of his TopGear highlights include jumping a ‘76 Coupe de Ville Cadillac 46 ft in the air, getting a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta up to 180mph, hang gliding a mustang off a cliff, and driving one of the original 1966 MK II GT40s, which won Le Mans. He starred in the AOL series “In the Drivers Seat with Adam Ferrara,” sponsored by Jaguar and Range Rover, and was an online host for “The Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction.”

Growing up on Long Island, Ferrara got his love for muscle cars from his father, who could fix anything, while Adam’s only job would be holding the light.

His new podcast, The Adam Ferrara Podcast, is a breakout hit and considered a “must listen” by Hidden Remote. His new comedy album Now Available, It’s Scary in Here, debuted number one on iTunes, while his album Unconditional was Interrobang’s People’s Choice of Album of the Year.

Some of Ferrara’s other credits include playing Chief Needles Nelson on the Emmy® nominated FX drama Rescue Me, co-starred with Emmy® Award winner Edie Falco on Showtime’s hit series Nurse Jackie and starring alongside Kevin James in the hit movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

More information is available at, and tickets are on sale now at


Thursday, October 6th

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Show begins at 7:30 pm

Gilmore Car Museum, 6865 W. Hickory Rd., Hickory Corners, MI 49060


General Admission Ticket: $25 per Ticket

• $25 per ticket, plus two drink minimum purchase

• Theatre-style seating

VIP Reserved Tables: $600 per Table, each with (6) seats

• VIP Reserved tables located at front of stage

• Wristbands provided for prepaid open bar drink service

• Includes pre-show VIP meet & greet opportunity with Adam Ferrara

• Only (6) total VIP Reserved Tables available

Important Guest Policies:

• Guests are not allowed to bring in outside food, beverage, or alcohol

• Coolers or cooler bags will not be allowed on inside the museum

• No backpacks or bags larger than 12” x 6” x 12” will be permitted, and the contents of all bags, purses, or clutches are subject to inspection upon entry

* Please note that Museum Memberships are NOT valid for free admission to Stand-Up Comedy Night special fundraiser events *

Proceeds benefit community programming the museum provides, including cruise nights, K-12 educational tours and field trips, the Gilmore Garage Works tech education program, among others.

For questions or more information, visit, call (269) 671-5089 or email i[email protected].

About Gilmore Car Museum

The world-renowned Gilmore Car Museum – North America’s largest auto museum with more than 400 vehicles on display — is located midway between Chicago and Detroit, just 20 minutes north of Kalamazoo, or 45 minutes south of Grand Rapids. The museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose mission is to tell the history of America through the automobile.

Learn more at

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The National Association of Automobile Museums is a center of excellence for automobile museums and affiliated organizations that supports, educates, and encourages members to operate according to professional standards of the museum industry and recognizes their achievements.

Advancing professional excellence within the automotive museum community.

NAAM is an organization that advances automotive museums of all sizes through collaboration by:

1. Sharing physical, intellectual, and virtual assets
2. Promoting excellence & professional standards in collecting, preserving, & interpreting
3. Recognizing unique needs & challenges in our area of scholarship
4. Fostering interdisciplinary cooperation.



Patrick Slebonick

Executive Director
Studebaker National Museum
201 Chapin Street
South Bend, IN 46601
[email protected]


Brandon Anderson

Executive Director & CEO
Auburn Cord Duesenberg
Automobile Museum

1600 South Wayne Street
P.O. Box 271
Auburn, IN  46706
260-925-1444 x27
260-925-6266 fax
[email protected]


Jeff Bleimeister

Executive Director
AACA Museum
161 Museum Drive
Hershey, PA  17033
[email protected]


Toby Stinson

Director of the New England
Auto Auction / Special Events
Owls Head Transportation Museum
P.O. Box 277 / 117 Museum Street
Owls Head, ME 04854
[email protected]


Matthew G. Anderson

Curator of Transportation
The Henry Ford
20900 Oakwood Boulevard
Dearborn, MI 48124-5029
[email protected]


Terry Ernest

Executive Director
Wills St. Claire
Automobile Museum
2408 Wills Street
Marysville, MI  48040
[email protected]

Vreni Fernandez

[email protected]

Leslie Kendall

Chief Historian
Peterson Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
[email protected]

Derek E Moore

Curator of Collections
Lane Motor Museum
702 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37210
[email protected]

Josh Russell

Executive Director
Gilmore Car Museum
6865 Hickory Rd
Hickory Corners, MI 49060
[email protected]

Susan Sanborn

P.O. Box 5401
Torrance, CA 90510
[email protected]

Pandora Paul Sordon

[email protected]

Jason VanSickle

Curator of Vehicles
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
4750 W 16th St
Indianapolis, IN 46222
[email protected]

2022 NAAM Annual Conference Joint Conference with WFFMM November 9-12, 2022 Revs Institute, Naples, FL

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